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July 2008 Educational Software Cooperative People's Choice Award is awarded to WhizKidz for the second year in a row.

July 2008 WhizKidz selected to be used at Kwansei Gakuin Elementary School

January 2008 WhizKidz selected to be used at KinderKids International Kindergarten in Japan.

January 2008 WhizKidz Teachers software being presented at the 42nd annual TESOL conference as part of Resources for Teachers of ELLs in New York April 2nd, 3rd, 4th, & 5th 2008.

December 2007 WhizKidz flashcards, picture dictionary software, teaching software, curriculum and worksheets CD is made freely available to all schools in order to promote WhizKidz.

November 2007 Version 2.0 upgrade of WhizKidz Level 1 CD 1, CD2 and CD3 is completed.
Upgrade includes optional word visibility, question structure reinforcement and auto quiz completion.

October 2007 WhizKidz is available for purchase at two more preschool locations.

October 2007 WhizKidz online sample is now available on WhizKidz website.

September 2007 Major ESL kindergarten introduces WhizKidz curriculum into their curriculum.

July 2007 Educational Software Cooperative People's Choice Award is awarded to WhizKidz.

July 2007 WhizKidz CDs are available for purchase online in Japan from WhizKidz website.

May 2007 WhizKidz Level 1 CD3 and CD 2 Dictionary is completed.

April 2007 Pre-production of WhizKidz Level 1 vocabulary CD begins

December 2006 Work on WhizKidz Level 1 CD3 begins.

November 2006 WhizKidz available for purchase at Osaka children's ESL school.

October 2006 Pre-production of University English Listening Comprehension test begins

August 2006 Pre-production of Storyline series of English for Adults begins

July 2006 WhizKidz Level 1 CD1 and CD2 including tests are launched for sale.

May 2006 Level 1 CD 1 Dictionary is completed and put online for free

January 2006 All students entering university in Japan must take a mandatory English listening comprehension test.

December 2005 Full class curriculum for CD1 with flashcards is completed

November 2005 WhizKidz software and curriculum is tested out at the children's learning lab in Nishinomiya, Hyogo for 6 weeks and is a big success!

April 2003 Prodigy Creator begins research on using a proven method never introduced into children's English learning software.



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